Fioboc Clothing Sets the Bar High – The Best I Have Ever Tried, So Far

Fioboc Clothing – comfort, quality, right fit, aesthetics, function, and sustainability – all in one brand.

Fioboc Clothing – game changer, setting the bar high.

Avid readers, hear me out –

One of the things on top of my mind when I travel is the type of clothes I wear. Most of the time, my top choices have the following characteristics – they should be breathable, comfortable, and ideal for warm and humid places such as my country, the Philippines. In addition to that, I prefer a type of clothing that is easy to pack and carry around.

While there are plenty of clothing brands you can find at shopping stores today, very few pass my requirements ideal for travel, and one of them is Fioboc Clothing.

Fioboc Clothing - Roy Van Rivero
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Let us talk more about this brand, shall we?

Compared to some big names in the market today, Fioboc is a relatively new player, having been in business since 2019. However, I would say that it has set the bar higher in terms of fabric quality, design, and functions. And I am not saying this because our friends at Fiobac sent me some of their products to try; I say this because I tried them and used them, and they exceeded my expectations.

I have provided below some photos of their products that I use today. Let us talk about them in more detail.

Here, what I am wearing are three of Fioboc’s best-selling designs:

  1. StaySmooth Long Sleeve Drop-Cut Tee: Slim Fit (which you can find here)
  2. Paired with OM™ Hidden Expandable Waistband Pant (you can it here)
  3. An alternate white StayCool 2.0 Curve-Hem Tee: Classic Fit (you can find it here)

The Fioboc experience

Based on my experience, here are some qualities of Fioboc Clothing that throw the leading brands to the dust:

  • The fabric is so smooth, and no itch.
  • Super cool (unlike some other brands that you tend to sweat right away)
  • If you ever sweat, it dries up a few minutes later.
  • The ones I tried are stretchable, breathable, and super comfy.

Below are some close-up shots, detailing their signature stripes.

VERDICT: Highly recommended for daily use – your go-to everyday comfort. 👍

Manufacturing guiding rules

It is also important to underscore the fact that Fioboc is guided by the following rules in developing these products:

  1. Comfort over everything (or comfort above all).
  2. Made to last.
  3. Priced based on quality, not logo.

(Learn more about the company here.)

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I support environmentally friendly product lines.

I favor companies with environmental advocacies. It is worth noting that Fioboc manufactures its products with eco-friendliness and sustainability in mind. The raw materials they use are combinations of bamboo fibers, natural cotton fibers, and polyester fibers (as opposed to petroleum-based polymers). The result is fast-drying, moisture-wicking and eco-friendly garments. How cool is that?

So, to close, I’d like to say that Fioboc Clothing would be one of the biggest overlooks if you don’t try it. Consider giving it a go. Thank me later (and don’t forget the discount code).

– ENDS –

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