Some benefits of traveling solo (that you probably didn’t realize)

I was afraid of solo travel. The idea of going to unfamiliar places without a companion, not to mention my lack of travel experience, freaked the hell out me.

benefits of solo travel

Just like many other millennials, I was afraid of solo travel. The idea of going to unfamiliar places without a companion, not to mention my lack of travel experience, freaked the hell out me. But that was before. After finally embarking on my first solo travel, I realized that the experience I had was way better than what I thought it would be. The fulfillment I felt far outweighed my worries.

If you are planning for a solo travel but still not sure if you are making the right choice, this post might help you make your final decision – on whether to go for it or not.

So, why try a solo travel? Here are some benefits that you probably didn’t realize:


Freedom in solo travel

The most intelligent individuals in the world are those who are the most free.

Or so they say. When traveling solo, you are going to have a taste of freedom (and I mean, a different kind of freedom). Why? You make decisions for and all by yourself (e.g. where to go, what to do, who are the people to meet, how much to spend, etc.) In other words, you have this rare chance to steer your own wheel; an opportunity to chart your own destiny (yeah, pretty deep, right?)


Self-empowerment - benefit of solo travel

You wake up from a pretty strange bed in a pretty strange room; you make your own breakfast, and you deal with your laundry on your own. These little things are a key for self-empowerment. When traveling solo, you’ve got to do these things and more all by yourself. Remember, you cannot always rely on the availability of other people who are offering such services, not to mention the money it would cost you if you always avail yourself of such services.

When traveling solo, you are unleashing your innate ability to make the right decision for yourself; that is, the ability that you probably have not realized yet that you actually possess.

Seeing the world from different perspectives

Seeing the world from different perspective is one of the benefits of solo travel

When you see things in a new perspective, you learn something new, and something valuable that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Wherever you are right now, whatever you do, you are confined by a particular perspective; that is, your perspective of the world that is constrained by your daily work routine. For instance, if you are a bank employee, your view is confined, literally, by the four corners of your cubicle and the financial world, which, I think, not healthy emotionally, physically, if you do it forever without break.

Traveling gives you a rare chance to see new worlds, and makes you realize that there is life beyond the four corners of your room.

As opposed to traveling with a group, solo travel provides you a more opportunity to see and reflect on things you experience at your destination. That is because you are not constrained by a collective decision and rules and standards usually imposed on a group.

Gain new friends (and it is inevitable)

Gaining new friends - benefit of traveling solo

Traveling solo opens doors to meet people that you would treasure for the rest of your life.

You think traveling solo makes you travel alone all the way? You’re wrong. Meeting new friends in your travel is inevitable. Traveling solo opens doors to meet people that you would also treasure for the rest of your life (what if you meet the one, right?)

So why meeting new friends is inevitable? The reason is that there are lots of people like you who also want to travel solo, and, generally, for the same reason that you have. Sharing accommodation costs, tour packages are among the reasons that drive you closer together. But even a simple “hello”, asking favor to take photos of you, or asking for direction can create bonds with new friends as well… bonds that could probably last forever.

Opens up good ideas for business startup

Getting new business ideas - benefit of solo travel

The most successful individuals in the corporate arena today – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk – have recognized traveling as having to play a key part for their success in business in their chosen field. Traveling solo provides the same level of opportunity as well; that is, to discover brilliant ideas that can aid the need of the world.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to put up a unique restaurant concept, or a teacher who wants to introduce new teaching methodology for your students, you can get ideas on how to have that goal realized when you travel… even if you are traveling solo.

Indeed, there are far more benefits that traveling solo can bring than the list I have discussed above.  But one thing is for sure, traveling can make you a better and a bolder person. Personal growth that is.

Travel now, guys. And travel more!

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