Bukid Amara Davao

Bukid Amara Davao: A Flower Farm Not to Miss When in the City

There’s no need to travel to faraway places or abroad to experience the sceneries we only usually see on TV or postcards, such as an Instagram-worthy flower farm. With the recent opening of Bukid Amara Davao in Bago Gallera, you can enjoy such a beautiful landscape just a few minutes’ ride from downtown Davao.

About 15 kilometers from Davao City Proper (Poblacion), you can find this stunning landscape of flowers of different varieties. Visiting Bukid Amara will surely delight you as you will see an ocean of flowers in bloom. You can find vibrant flowers such as Century Rose, Sunflower, Tagetes Erecta (Marigold), and Garden Cosmos amidst the expanse of greens. Indeed, the place is ideal for visiting families and friends wanting to enjoy the outdoors in nature’s embrace.

With a 100-peso entrance fee, you can visit and enjoy it anytime during the day, from morning until sundown. However, the best time to be there, in my opinion, is during the late afternoon when the sun is no longer high above but still has enough light to appreciate the beauty and vibrance of colors. It is also the best time for photography as the sun starts beaming golden rays.

It is worth noting that they are still improving the place; there’s still a lot of work to complete what’s in their master plan. Some other features you can expect include a fishing area. There will also be places inside where visitors can buy food to eat, so these are some things to look forward to.

One particular area that I loved the most when I visited was the sunflower garden. Not only did I enjoy the sea of golden yellows, but I also relished the fact that they planted them within the confines of maze patterns. Going to the center of the circular maze was like solving a puzzle.

Take a look at some of the shots I have taken during my visit:

How to get there?

  1. From Downtown Davao, take a jeepney ride with the Puan route.
  2. Alight at Crossing Puan (the fare is 20 pesos). 
  3. From there, take a tricycle ride and tell the driver you are going to Bukid Amara (the fare is 30 pesos).

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