Grassland in Brgy. Bato, Toril, Davao City

Viper’s Peak – A New Favorite Hiking Spot In Davao City

There’s this beautiful hiking spot that is just about 20-minute ride from Toril Proper that you might want to try. Whether you are preparing for a major climb or just want to have a morning trek get some fresh air, this place will surely provide what you are looking for. 

Located in Brgy. Bato, Toril, Davao City, this hiking spot is relatively easy. It would only take about two to three hours to finish the whole trek – from the jump-off point (which is at the Lantaw Banud Cafe) to Viper’s Peak and back.

You can do it all by yourself because the trail, as I have said, is easy. At the start, you will trek up and down the slopes and then climb up again to reach the grassland – an open space covered only by cogon grasses.

You will also be crossing streams to reach another notable part of the trail, which is the mango plantation. 

The remaining part of the trail – the area after the Mango plantation – is another uphill climb, which can take about thirty minutes to reach the Viper’s Peak.

You may also want to go all the way to the waterfall, but they will require you to register and get a tour guide for only 100 pesos (there at the Viper’s Peak also). It would take another thirty to fourty minutes from Viper’s to the waterfall. And the trail this time is a bit difficult compared to the previous one, but it is worth it if love jungle adventure!

How to get there

  1. From Davao City Proper, take a jeepney ride with Toril route (Fare is 35 per head)
  2. Alight near the Mercury Drug in Toril
  3. Take a tricycle or motorcycle rode from Toril Proper to Lantaw Banud, which is the jump off point (Fare is 50 per head)

Things to bring:

  1. Drinking water (1 liter will do)
  2. Trail food
  3. Heavy meal (you can eat at the Viper’s Peak)
  4. Flashlight (in case you want to trek in late afternoon)

Take a look at some of my captures

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