REVIEW | Misha’s Halal Diner in Davao City

There’s a newly opened dining destination located along Gold Street, San Raphael Village, Brgy. 9-A, Davao City that is attracting more and more customers since its opening – Misha’s Halal Diner, a restaurant and cafe in one. From the name itself, you can tell that it is friendly to non-pork eaters. But, of course, the place can actually be anybody’s favorite, considering the great selections from their menu list.

Right before the bridge going to Ma-a, on the left side of the road, there you can find this rather humble place.  From the sidewalk, you just take a few steps, and you are already inside this diner adorned with native-inspired design, which brings homey, cozy ambiance. Inside, there are plenty of tables to settle down and place your order.

During my visit, I ordered one of their best-sellers, Inasal chicken with pastil rice and sinigang na isda. I also ordered Mexican Nachos for take-out. I had a satisfying meal. Below are some photos of the food selections I chose that you might want to check out.

Chicken sisig at Misha's Halal Diner
Sizzling Chicken Sisig
Chiken Inasal with Pastil Rice at Nisha's Halal Diner
Chiken Inasal with Pastil Rice
Sinigang na Isda
Sinigang na Isda
Beef Rendang at Misha's Halal Diner
Beef Rendang
Mexican Nachos at Nisha's Halal Diner
Mexican Nachos

Misha's Halal Diner menu

Menu at Misha's Halal Diner

Whether you are a Davao resident or a visiting tourist, dropping by this restaurant is worth your time and money. Highly recommended for everyone. 😋👍

For direction, check out the map below.

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