The Red Barn Davao

The Red Barn Davao – Let’s Have A Virtual Tour Of This Hidden Gem In Sitio Uguis, Eden, Davao City

Amid a lush greenery within the highland Barangay of Eden in Toril, Davao City, lies a paradise – The Red Barn Davao. This hidden gem has been increasingly attracting visitors seeking a tranquil escape from the city noise. What was once a family farm is now accessible to the public, allowing everyone to savor its unique charm.

My personal experience with The Red Barn Davao came about through a gracious invitation from the owner. During an overnight stay, I had ample time to explore every corner of the farm, leaving me with a desire to return again and again.

We will have a virtual tour of this 2.4-hectare mountain sanctuary, highlighting key attractions you can’t miss when visiting this extraordinary place.

The Red Barn

Your journey begins at The Red Barn, the first structure that greets you upon entering the farm. This barn is of particular significance as it was the initial building on the farm, hence lending its name to the entire property. Its European-inspired architecture is not only Instagram-worthy; it’s a masterpiece that’s a feast for the eyes.

The Mini Forest/Flower Lane

Just beside The Red Barn, a picturesque path leads you to a line of trees – a microcosm of a forest. It is a serene oasis where tropical flowering plants intermingle with towering trees of various species. Shaded benches along the way invite you to unwind and savor the tranquil surroundings.

The Bamboo Walk

Continuing down the flower-lined path, you’ll arrive at the Bamboo Walk, another enchanting spot within the farm. The meticulously tended bamboo groves grow in captivating designs, providing a soothing atmosphere for your visit.


Leaving the Bamboo Walk, you’ll arrive at a charming fishpond with a wooden platform in the middle. This spot is a favorite for photography enthusiasts, but even if you only sit by the water’s edge, you’ll savor the kind of relaxation rarely found in the city.

The Playground

Just across from the fishpond, a spacious playground awaits, offering enjoyment for children and the young at heart. Swings, a trampoline, and other outdoor equipment provide endless fun.

Koi Pond

A few steps from the playground, you’ll see a captivating koi pond, where you can marvel at these colorful creatures. The pond is amidst well-manicured landscapes adorned with flowers, hanging plants, and a fountain with cascading waters.

Glamping Site

As you continue strolling through the farm, you’ll discover the glamping site, where visitors can relish the excitement of camping without sacrificing the comforts of home. The tents come equipped with beds and essential amenities.

The Forest Bath/Tree Deck

Following the path from the glamping site, you’ll reach the Forest Bath, a nature therapy area where the towering trees envelop you in fresh air and a profound connection with nature. Among these trees is the “Tree Deck,” a platform that offers a splendid vantage point overlooking the entire forest property.

The Vegetable Farm

Concluding your tour, you’ll pass by a bountiful vegetable farm where you can have a chance to pick some fresh produce for yourself.

The Flower Farm

Adjacent to the vegetable farm lies a section dedicated to the flower farm. Here, you’ll delight in a sea of vibrant blooms, especially enchanting during the early morning hours when the sun’s golden rays beam onto their petals.

The Campfire/Bonfire Section

To end your day, you can savor a delightful dinner in an outdoor setup by the campfire, best enjoyed with friends and loved ones.

The Tiny House Accommodation

You will end the day settling in one of their three available tiny houses, in a cozy, good night rest, before waking up early the following day to experience the morning dew as the sun slowly beams its rays to wake the trees and flowers to their vibrant colors again.

For more information about the farm, visit The Red Barn Davao website. You can email them at for inquiries.

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