Isla Reta Weekend Getaway

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My recent visit to Isla Reta was my second time. The first was way back in 2011 (couldn’t believe it was that long). The resort has changed a lot (and for the better) since then. There are more and better accommodations now than before. They have enhanced more areas along the shore to offer more space for visitors. Truly, Isla Reta never fails to provide an ideal place for relaxation – for those who desire for a nice urban escape.

If you are looking for a place for a weekend getaway and if you love sand and sun (and turquoise water), then Isla Reta can be a perfect place for you. This popular beach resort has been attracting lots of tourists for years… and for the right reason.

Located in Brgy. Santa Cruz, Talicud Island, Island Garden City of Samal, Isla Reta prides itself with a long stretch of white-sand beach and crystal clear water that guests can surely enjoy – be it for family gatherings, bonding with friends, or even for a solo vacation.

Whether you are planning for a day tour or an overnight stay, Isla Reta beach resort is ready to provide you with your needs; they accommodate visitors around the clock.


You can do quite a number of things while staying at the resort. Aside from, obviously, swimming, Isla Reta is a place ideal for those who want a camping-like stay. You can just set up tents for camping – along the shore or under towering trees.

If you want snorkeling, the place also offers an awesome spot for that. Though not that gifted with corals like some diving areas in Talicud, still the resort provides a place that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants this activity.

Another popular activity being offered at the resort is helmet diving. In this activity, you will be submerged underwater for about 20 to 30 minutes; you get a chance to see and enjoy different variety of fish and other sea creatures.

Or you can just hang around, relax and enjoy the ocean breeze along the shore .

Also, you might want to visit the nearby community to experience local feels (and gain some friends).


  • Open cottages
  • Dormitory
  • Rooms for couples, family (concrete, native)
  • Function hall
  • Pavilion
  • Canteen/Stores (fresh catch/fish available for sale at the resort)
  • Grilling areas


Here are Isla Reta’s accommodation rates, entrance fee, service fee, and contact information [ 2022]


Day Tour – 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Overnight – 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM the following day

  • Adult (11 yrs old & above)
    •  Day tour – P200/head
    • Overnight – P400/head/night
  • Child (4 to 10 yrs old)
    • Day tour – P100/head
    • Overnight – P200/head/night
  • Child (3yrs old & below)
    • Free of charge


Entrance fee, meals, towel & toiletries NOT included – room check in – 3:00 PM ; room check out – 12:30 PM


  • 400/tent/night (Good for 2)
  • Matte is separated from the tents rate
  • Single foam rubberized is 50.00
  • Single foam is 60.00
  • Pillow is 20.00
  • Blanket is 20.00


  • 800/per night/per room
  • 3 single size bed
  • No electric fan
  • No outlet
  • Common restroom
  • Good for 3 person


  • 900/room/night
  • 1 matrimonial bed
  • 1 electric fan
  • Private cr
  • With outlet
  • Good for 2


  • P6,500/night
  •  11 double deck beds for 22pax
  • with electric fan
  • with dressing room
  • Common restroom


  • P400/hut/night
  • open cottage
  • good for 10-15 person
  • without outlet


  • Foam single – P60
  • Foam single – P50 (small)
  • Blanket – P20
  • Pillow – P20

COOKING SERVICES (all ingredients must be provided by the guest)

  • Rice – P50/kilo
  • Meat – P100/kilo
  • Poultry – P100/kilo
  • Seafood – P100/kilo
  • Egg – P75/dozen
  • Fruits – P50/kilo
  • Canned Goods – P20/150g


  • No Pork Allowed (raw/cooked, any by product due to ASF)
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Soft drinks & liquor – 25% of resort price per bottle
  • Food, water & powdered juice has NO corkage.
  • Tent corkage – 100/tent/night (any sizes)


  • Sound system & projector rental – P350/hr


  • Rice cooker, water heater, any electric appliance, extension wires, sky lanterns are NOT allowed.
  • No pets Allowed
  • Only accept CASH as a mode of payment.
  • Prices may change without prior notice.

Swimming time – 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Canteen hours – 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Kitchen hours – 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Noise cut off – 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM
Gate – 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM


Take a look at some of the photos I have taken during my recent visit…

Isla Reta
Isla Reta Beach Front
Isla Reta
Isla Reta camping site
Isla Reta, Santa Cruz, Talicud Island
Isla Reta beach view
Pavilion at Isla Reta, Samal
Pavilion – ideal for big gathering
Open cottages at Isla Reta, Samal Island
A number of open cottages available
Accommodations at Isla Reta
New concrete accommodations are now available
Beach view at Isla Reta
The view of the beach from upper ground..


From Davao City Proper, take a ride going to Sta. Ana Wharf. If you are riding on a jeepney, ride one plying the Magsaysay route (Sta. Ana Wharf is just beside Magsaysay Park).

Fare: Minimum – PHP 10.00

From Sta. Ana Wharf, board a barge going to Isla Reta. Just tell the person in-charge at the ticket booth that you are going to the resort. You will be guided accordingly; you should be disembarked at the resort itself.

9:00 AM to – Isla Reta (Davao – Isla Reta)
• 10:00 AM – Pacific (Davao – Talikud)
• 12:00 PM – Jessa (Davao – Talikud)

. 6:10 AM – Robjan (Talikud – Davao
• 6:15 AM – Talikud Express (Talikud – Davao)
• 3:00 PM – Isla Reta (Isla Reta – Davao)
• 3:00 PM – Pacific (Talikud – Davao)

•3years old and above -Php200/head/way
• Senior and PWD – Php160/head/way (discounted)
• 2years old and below -Free of charge
Public Boat – Php100-135 per head per way
• All boats are a first come, first serve basis
• Talikud Express, Pacific and Robjan are public boats
• All boats will leave immediately once it reaches its full seating capacity
• Schedule may change without prior notice.


  • Freshwater is scarce at the resort; the wash-up water is pretty salty (a mixture of freshwater and seawater). So, if you want to feel more fresh after the beach, I would suggest that you set aside a liter or two of bottled water for wash-up (just like what I did). Otherwise, just bear a pretty salty skin until you get home and have a tap water to freshen up.
  • Bring food that is enough for your stay; products, including food items are pretty expensive at the resort. Lechon (pork) and soft drinks have corkage, so you might want to avoid bringing these items into the resort; just buy from there. The rest of the food items are free of corkage.
  • To avoid causing public disturbance, or worse, confrontations with other guests, obey rules and regulations. For instance, swimming is until 9 PM only; making noise after 10 PM is prohibited; no swimming beyond the specified distance limit from the shore.
  • The first boat departure to Isla Reta is at 9AM, better be at Sta. Ana Wharf early on to secure tickets for the first departure schedule. Going to Isla Reta takes about an hour (or a little more), You get more time to enjoy the resort if you catch the first trip.

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