REVIEW | Haven’s Peak – A Hilltop Resort in Maragusan, Davao de Oro

Haven's Peak
There are plenty of tourist attractions in Maragusan. If you want to visit some of these, you should spend two days or more to give more time to each destination and enjoy each of them. This also means that you are going to find a place to stay in.
There is one place that is a popular accommodation in Maragusan – the Haven’s Peak. It is a resort located atop a hill facing directly to the town proper.
In this post, I am giving some insights about the things that you probably like (and dislike) about the place – in case you decide to stay at this resort.

The thumb’s up, thumb’s down

So, without further ado, these are the things that are a thumb’s up:

  1. Proximity to the town center – As mentioned, this resort is located atop a hill just some distance from the terminal. One can just reach the place on foot from the bus station.
  2. Nice location for a panoramic view – At the resort, you will get to enjoy Maragusan in its pleasant panorama. The resort has a platform where you have a great vantage point to see the municipality in its breathtaking vista, which becomes even more beautiful at night with flickering lights.
  3. Nice amenities – The resort has a restaurant, a ropeway (cable car), swimming pools, a canteen and souvenir store, and other items that can add comfort to visitors.
  4. It has several types of accommodations to choose from – from family rooms to backpackers’ accommodations. And the prices are reasonable. For instance, you can have a bunk bed accommodation for 500 pesos per night, inclusive of swimming pool use.
  5. The staff is accommodating; they even gave us a discount for the coffee we bought.
  6. The place has a relaxing ambiance; the lobby got awesome decorations (perhaps, because the Christmas season was coming when we visited)
Now, here’s a thumb’s down:
  1. A little challenging to reach the entrance of the resort as you need to climb up the slope, through an unpaved road. While you can hire a habal-habal to ferry you to the entrance, some parts of the roads are steep, which will make you probably choose to go on foot.
  2. Even if we booked for accommodation, the staff manning the entrance gate still charged us an entry fee, which I think didn’t make sense. In my opinion, entry fees should be imposed only for those visiting for a day tour.
  3. If you are not into an extreme adventure, taking the 200+ concrete steps from the main entrance to the lobby might exhaust you. With that, you might consider taking the cable car instead (for a fee) to reach the resort.
  4. And, if you are a little unlucky, you might be given a room without a lock, but with a leaky restroom ceiling – just like us. In our case, what we did was we moved the bunk bed to the door to give some barrier, in case somebody we do not know attempts to get inside for know compelling reasons. As for the leaky ceiling, we just waited for the rain to stop before we used the bathroom. So, make sure you ask for a room without issues, if possible.

Some photos

Haven's Peak Restaurant in MaragusanSwimming Pool at Haven's Peak, Maragusan

Rating: 3/5

I am giving them 3/5 – still a passing rate despite some issues we experienced. After all, we were able to have accommodation that contributed to our successful Maragusan weekend getaway.

How to get there (From Davao City):

(Davao City to Maragusan Terminal)
Option 1: By bus (direct)
  1. If you are coming from the airport, take a jeepney ride going to the city proper.
  2. From the city proper, ride another jeepney to Ecoland terminal
  3. At the terminal, ride a bus bound for Maragusan
  4. From Maragusan Terminal, you can opt to ride a tricycle/ habal habal or just walk towards the entrance or ride their cable car; if by foot, you can just ask around which way to go.
Option 2: By bus (via Tagum Terminal)
  1. If in case the direct bus isn’t available at Ecoland Terminal, you can ride a bus bound for Tagum.
  2. From Tagum Terminal, ride another bus bound for Maragusan
  3. From Maragusan Terminal, just choose from the selections specified in Option 1, item #4.
Option 3: By van
  1. If you choose to ride a van, ride a jeep bound for city proper from the airport
  2. Alight at Gaisano Mall in Bajada
  3. At the Gaisano Mall area, just ask around where the van terminal is located (it is located just in front of the left entrance of the mall).
  4. Then, ride a van bound for Maragusan
  5. At Maragusan Terminal, just choose from the selections specified in Option 1, item #4.


Entrance Fee: Php 30 (adult); Php 20 (kids)
Swimming pool: Php 80
Bunk accommodation: Php 3,200 (Good for 8 pax); Php 500 per person if less than 8 pax


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