Vines - a Thai restaurant in Davao City

Vines – A Taste Of Thai Cuisine In Davao: Surprisingly Delightful

When a friend of mine suggested Vines for our dinner get-together, my reply was “okay ra ko kung asa ang gusto ninyo.”

And here’s the thing:

When I send a response like that, my mind tells me I am okay with it, but I am not excited about it. 

In other words, I was expecting another so-so dining destination when they suggested Vines. And I tell you this early, in this blog entry, that I was wrong.

We arrived at Vines at about 30 minutes past 4 pm, and to my surprise, it was still closed. Later we found out that the food crew was having a short break. But, still, they let us in so we could settle down. And I was already impressed with this gesture.

The first impression

While we were settling down in our seats, my eyes were already roaming around, and I was impressed with the design – simple, minimalist, cozy, and clean.

Here are some photos I have taken:

Vines - a Thai restaurant in Davao City Vines - a Thai restaurant in Davao City Vines - a Thai restaurant in Davao CityVines - a Thai restaurant in Davao City

Time to take our orders

I seldom eat Thai food, so the items on the menu were not familiar to me. As usual, I let my friends order for me. They chose from the menu some options that we could eat as a group.

These were the food we tried (I rated each of them a hit or miss):

Pad Thai (Shrimp)

Rating: Hit

pad thai shrimp
Stir fry rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, peanuts, eggs, and bean sprouts.

Pad Thai (Chicken)

Rating: Hit

pad thai chicken
Stir fry rice noodles with chicken, tofu, peanuts, eggs, and bean sprouts.

Hot Thai Chicken

Rating: Hit

hot thai chicken
Fried chicken coated with a blend of Thai spices.

Mango Sticky Rice

Rating: Hit

Mango sticky rice at Vines
Mango Sticky Rice

Pomelo Thai Salad

Rating: Hit

Pomelo Thai Salad
Made with locally sourced pomelo with peanuts, fish sauce, green mango, and Thai basil.

Lemongrass Iced Tea

Rating: Miss X

Lemongrass Iced Tea at Vines Restaurant
Lemongrass Iced Tea – the only item that I would not pick again the next time I eat at Vines. I don’t know…I did not dislike it totally. Maybe I am just not used to the taste. For now, it’s a miss.

The verdict

I’d gladly give a nearly perfect rating. 9/10 – no doubt.

Hands down, the food selections we ordered were so delightful! Yes, the flavor, I realized,  was quite familiar (maybe because it is similar to Filipino cuisines) but distinct at the same time. It was surprisingly delicious – we ended up adding more to enjoy before we went home. 

 Again, the only item from the menu that’s a miss for me was their lemongrass iced tea. But apart from that, this dining destination is highly recommended for those looking for Thai cuisine, in Davao City.

Location and contact information

Vines Thai Restaurant Addresss

Vines is so accessible. It is conveniently located at Mt. Apo (corner Lopez Jaena Streets), Davao City.

Contact #: 0928 353 1845
Facebook page:

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