Have A Relaxing Weekend Getaway At Dhen Yho’s Place

Kapatagan is popular for a number of reasons. Aside from being considered as the vegetable basket in Davao Region, it’s also a doorway to reach the highest peak in the Philippines – Mt. Apo. Lots of tourists are flocking in and out of Mt. Apo most especially during summer  (around March – May) via the Kapatagan Trail.

But here’s the thing, your visit to this place can still be worth-remembering, enjoyable even without climbing Mt. Apo; Kapatagan itself has a lot to offer for you to experience the gift of nature. A number of mountain resorts in the area can make your stay enjoyable and one them is Dhen Yho’s Place.

Located in Kinambulan, Brgy. Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur (27 km away from poblacion), Dhen Yho’s Place offers a perfect place for relaxation. It is carved on a hillside along the Kapatagan highway and just a few steps away from the main road (very accessible). It is ideal for those who want to unwind and have a break from the hustle and bustle of the urban living – whether you go there solo or with you loved ones.

What can Dhen Yho’s Place offer to their guests? Check out some of the photos below.




Check out rates on their pool, accommodations, foods, and others

Other attractions:

How to get there:

From Digos City Proper, have a tricycle ride going to Brgy. Cogon. Just tell the driver to take you to the junction where there is a habal-habal terminal going to Kapatagan. Drivers in the area are familiar with the tourist attractions in Kapatagan, including Dhen Yho’s Place, so there should be no problem reaching the place.


Digos City Proper to Barangay Cogon (Kapatagan Junction) – 30 pesos

Barangay Cogon to Kapatagan – 100 pesos per person

Note: If you are riding alone to Kapatagan, the driver would ask you to pay for two – 200 pesos. If that is too expensive for you, then try to negotiate – there is no harm in negotiating, guys, come on! They usually agree at 150 pesos bargain. Or better yet, just wait for some minutes for another passenger to come to ride with you for you to pay just 100 pesos (just like what I did).

Contact number:

0917 689 5775

Nearby attraction:

Kublai Art Garden



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6 thoughts on “Have A Relaxing Weekend Getaway At Dhen Yho’s Place

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for a place for our association to celebrate our Christmas Party on Dec 20, 2017. We are about 50 pax. Do you have enough rooms for our accommodation? Can we bring our own food say lechon? Or can we bring isda for sugba sugba?

    1. Hi Evelyn,

      I am not affiliated with Dhen Yho’s Place… I was a visiting tourist also (local)… but to answer your question, I think they have enough space to cater to 50 people as they have several rooms available (not sure of the exact number – around 10 rooms), and they have function hall where you can stage your event. Please call them – try this number: 0917 689 5775 – to verify.


    1. Hello Lyca, pardon for the late reply… as far as I can remember, there is no corkage fee… however, you are not allowed to bring food inside their canteen. Please contact them to confirm as things might have changed since my visit.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      – Roy

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