Tips On Finding Great Hotel Deals Online

tips on finding great hotel deals
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When we travel, we always want to get the best deal possible on hotel accommodations. Fortunately, with the rise of technological innovations, this has become a lot easier today, particularly with the internet.

So, here are 6 tips that you might find useful as you book for accommodation online for your next getaway:

Search for hotel listing

Check hotel listing aka hotel price comparison sites (e.g. Agoda) online. Prices, for some reason, are significantly lower there than – believe it or not – the deals found at hotels’ online booking platforms themselves (at least based on my personal observations). In addition, booking at the former is a lot easier. In Agoda, for instance, booking can be done with just a few clicks.

(In my most recent visit to Cebu, I was able to book quite a good accommodation deal through Agoda website – check out¬†Agoda’s current listing of hotels in Cebu City)

Book early

When booking through hotel listing sites, do it way ahead of time (like two to three weeks prior to your actual stay) is ideal.  Again, this is based on my personal experience. It is within this period when great deals are offered and then prices start to increase a week before your actual stay. Booking early also means you have enough time to make adjustments (e.g. add something to the package inclusions, schedule modifications, and even a change of hotel and refund, etc.)

Check your email for promos

If you have subscribed to these sites’ email listings, check your email account prior to booking. They (hotel listing sites) usually send notifications through email if ever your prospective hotels are offering good deals (e.g. discounts, special event deals, etc.). Promo codes are usually given through email as well.

Scrutinize hotel package inclusions

Remember, the cheapest is not always the best deal. Yes, having the cheapest accommodation does not automatically mean you are getting the best deal. For instance, Hotel A offers a room at USD 20 while Hotel B has the same room at USD 22; however, the former has no breakfast inclusion; the latter has. Supposing breakfast is priced at USD 5 at both hotels, which deal do you think is better? Indeed, scrutinizing the package inclusions is important when booking.

Contact your hotel for booking confirmation.

Always confirm your booking by contacting the hotel. Hotel listing websites send notifications regarding the status of your booking or a confirmation if your booking transaction is successful, but confirm it by contacting the hotel itself just the same, to be sure.

Check out several hotel listing website options

Lastly, do not just rely on one hotel listing site; consider other alternatives. Apart from, for instance, Agoda, there are other hotel listing sites that have impressive hotels deals. Be there.

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